Back in the mid 60's the skateboard to ride was a 22'' solid oak deck, clay wheeled, loose ball bearing cruiser. This was a major upgrade from the previous scrap pile wood board with screwed on metal roller skate wheels that rattled more than they rolled.

As a 14 year old kid, Scoot saved his lawn mowing money for weeks until he finally purchased his first Wards Hawthorne board. After gluing sandpaper to the tail, it was ready to ride. Because of the quality craftsmanship and solid oak deck, his first board carried him through his adolescents, and was then passed on to his kids, and even his grandkids. These boards were meant to last.

Now that same board and it's inherent quality serve as the design for his Digger and Knox handmade skateboards. This is a skateboard that will surely be passed on for generations. A retro ride with modern glide.

Each board is crafted from solid hardwood, hand shaped, and built with utmost care and attention to detail. Along with a dedication to excellence in craftsmanship, we've chosen the best modern trucks, wheels, and bearings to insure a super fun ride.